"Let the Games Begin"

Lordie I hate cliche's, particularly in their overused forms by headline writers. But when Maxine turned and whispered these words to me on site today, while glancing around at corner stakes, elevation pins and the big Kubota excavator in which Jake was sitting, searching for the keys, it worked for me. Her eyes were big, my heart was beating. This project has begun.
I say that design is a process, not a product. You'll hear this again. If you are a client of mine, you'll hear it often. This is as true for us as it is with any, and without this sensitivity to on-site adjustments, a project simply can't blossom as it might. So sure enough Maxine and I jumped right in and changed the lower level exit door location today, based on site contours and traffic flow.

The land will teach you much about the house design. It did today, stopping us from stepping out our lower level onto what would have had to be a set of stairs or a platform as the slope continued it decline off the west side.