"You have arrived"

The female voice on our GPS says it all, with a certain confidence and finality. We feel neither, and moreover are reasonably overwhelmed, in ways positive and other.

A sea of boxes says something about how little we left behind, ignoring a comment made by my co-worker Doug's wife, Marion. They're my age and moved out from Michigan, having sold about everything. "You only have to bring the good stuff," she said, referring to layers beyond the material. It's hard advice to pull off, I'm finding. Nonetheless, we're thrilled to be here.

A downside about arrival, wherever it may be after a long trip, is that the trip is over. You now have to do whatever it is that caused you to take the trip in the first place. Well, fine then. Next up, dancing with the engineers and city-types who have made it so tough to get a permit.