Change Indeed

So Barack Obama won. I got this from Meghan, a peace corps volunteer in El Sauce, Nicaragua, who has been helpful in our efforts to start a solar oven program there. "...I actually feel hopeful about the US and the world. Early risers in El Sauce and the taxi driver who brought me to the PC office today asked me what I think of Obama. "He'll be great," they say. "We have hope that the US will remember the corners of the world again."
I won't be running around swathed in the stars and stripes, but over one long, tossing and turning night, I have emerged hopeful for the US.
So just wanted to share the joy from far away, though it's a little solitary when everyone around you isn't jumping around and yelling. Same thing happens when the Red Sox or the Celtics win the champs... most people just look at me out of the corner of their eyes and wonder what that crazy gringa is up to now... "
Enough has been said about the election, and I'm no political analyst, but the change was needed, and there's so much work ahead.

I've been intrigued at some of my own change of late. The move was tiring and our companies full of energy and challenge. and there is the looming spectre of starting the build process, (this is what I'm supposed to be writing about, so I'm reminded by you mortar and technique hounds.) But I needed a bit of a break, really. hmm. No, I'm not taking a vacation, just a bit of a slow down from warp speed. Bought a tractor, brush-hogged the site. Bought a TV, my first purchased tv ever, (ooh la la 42" LED 1080 pixel 120hertz refresh rate wow those hand-me down things of the past are SO of the past,) and watched the world series. Sierra looked at me during game 4 with a tilt and declared, " By god, Jonathan, you are officially unrecognizable." Hey quiet down, can't a fella watch a ballgame in peace?

Even thinking hard about a fishing boat. mmm yup, trolling motor as an extra, take it down the river, maybe a little ways out into the Pacific. First i have to figure out the pro's and cons of 2 stroke vs. 4 stroke, prop vs. jet, degree of chine, type of electronics and where to find all this in something reasonable, used but still shining. The only thing for sure is it'll be aluminum, not painted, with a windshield and canopy. This is Oregon, and we fish 12 months (I'm told.) Suggestions and your two cents are welcome. I know quite little about all this, which makes me a bit embarrassed and a bit giddy.