more on the exterior

It was pointed out, after the last entry, that my shot from 60 feet up on an extendable boom forklift was telling, certainly, but hey, what does the rest look like? Above is the south elevation, with kitchen window on the right, dining area in the middle, and raised porch on the left. South light is also let into the common area through the clerestory windows, above.
From the southwest angle the main western wall of the common area comes into view, with its emphasized corner window ensemble. This is the strongest view out to the wetlands/creek area, which is behind the spot from where this image was taken. The lower porch level is our entry into the rec room, and an outside dog-wash station.

The tower is in full view when looking straight on from the west, with the main bath on the left. Attempts to understate the glass in our concerns for solar gain and summer overheating were partially successful. We'll still need appropriate window treatment, and a rolldown shade on this side of the porch for afternoon outside meals.

I can read your mind: should those people be up on the roof? I assure you that it is totally appropriate and safe in this case, and quite typical, even healthy, for boys to like to play and climb. And Jake wanted to come up too.