Appraisor my appraisor

Not surprisingly, I'll take out some construction financing that will later become a mortgage. In a bit, a third-party-assigned fellow with a rigid set of guidelines will show up at the project and tell me, the bank, and all who want to know just what the place will be worth. It's a sad and yet intriguing prospect. The game is clear, and the rules set in place to minimize the fraud and greed too often running rampant when we are left to our own devices. These rules are even more stringent with the backlash against the blather of the recent mortgage system meltdown. Bad extra bureaucracy to solve the problems of bad unregulated business. ouch

We are told that our home will be worth what other homes within a half mile circumference or less that have sold within 6 months or less that have about the same square footage... or less?

cha cha cha.

I'm thankful that for years Maxine and I have built up the sweat equity to be asking only for a fraction of this probable low appraisal. Our loan-to-value ratio should set the bank at ease. cha cha cha...

I struggle for the occasional client of ours, though, who is told by the bank that the appraisal doesn't pan out, sometimes with some banker-nobody who doesn't know or wouldn't understand what we do suggesting that perhaps... the price is too high...according to this appraisal...which uses the comps of bloated starter castles of plastic siding and granite flash.

Well, 25 years later, we're still bucking the odds and enjoying the ride.

Sent the gang home today at noon. Yesterday the air was 103, today it was to be 104, tomorrow we're told 105. Our rental house is so hot we can't leave the basement.